MLA Conferance

From Wednesday April 8th to Saturday April 11 Debbie and I attended the Montana Library Association Conference held in Bozeman. The theme this year was Access for All: A Montana Value.

There was a ton of great education. We learned a lot! Days were long but there was so  much fun to be had in all the classes. My only complained was the chairs were hard. :) We were also notified that we were selected to join the Montana Shared Catalog. YAY! We are so excited! Debbie won a HUGE box of Legos that will boost our collection for Lego Club. I is super excited about that!

Some of my favorite classes were: Looking at Summer Reading: The Big Picture, Play and Exploration at Imagine IF: Toys, Inter-actives, and Experiences for children, Best Practices for Engaging Girls in STEM.

I love conferences! They seem to energize and renew ideas. You also get to meet some really nice people working in some of the same areas you may work in. So look for some new and fresh things happening at the library.

Prairie Tots 3-23-15 & 3-24-15

Once a month the Prairie Tots preschool comes to visit the library and Ms. Debbie reads to them. This month we had our little visitors on the 23rd and 24th. They were great as usual!

Ms. Debbie read three stories: The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson, Badger’s Fancy Meal by Keiko Kasza, and The Little Red Hen (makes a pizza) by Philemon Sturges.

It was so cute to hear the kids laughing through out these books. They are very cute books. After listening to the stories they get to color a picture. The picture they colored this time was of a cow and Ms. Debbie told them to add their favorite food to the picture just like they were reading about.

We can’t wait to see the little ones next month!

jobs and tots 004 jobs and tots 005 prairie tots 001 prairie tots 002 prairie tots 003 prairie tots 004 prairie tots 005 prairie tots 006 prairie tots 007 prairie tots 008

Story Time 3-19-15

The story time theme this week was Spring. We read four book about spring; Cold Little Duck, Duck, Duck by Lisa Westberg Peters, My Spring Robin by Anne Rockwell, Mouse’s First Spring by Lauren Thompson, and Spring by Tanya Thayer.

We made zip lock bag butterflies with tissue paper and confetti. Thank you Ms. Debbie for punching all those holes!

We had 8 children and 7 moms! Such a great turn out!

We played Where’s Miss Mousey? This is a game where we hide a little mouse behind a colored house, but we used pumpkins, and the kids get to find the mouse after telling us the color of the pumpkin.  I love this game and it gets the kids up and moving. They really seem to like getting up in the middle. I know i have a hard time staying seated so they must too. :)

Story Time next week March 26 and we will be doing gardens. Hope to see you there!

Lego Club 3-18-15

lego club 3-18-15 003 lego club 3-18-15 004 lego club 3-18-15 005 lego club 3-18-15 006 lego club 3-18-15 007 lego club 3-18-15 008 lego club 3-18-15 009 lego club 3-18-15 010 lego club 3-18-15 011 lego club 3-18-15 012 lego club 3-18-15 013 lego club 3-18-15 014 lego club 3-18-15 015 lego club 3-18-15 016 lego club 3-18-15 017 lego club 3-18-15 018 lego club 3-18-15 019 lego club 3-18-15 020 lego club 3-18-15 021 lego club 3-18-15 022 lego club 3-18-15 023 lego club 3-18-15 024 lego club 3-18-15 025 lego club 3-18-15 026We had a great time last night at Lego Club! We had 19 kids and 3 volunteers!  This weeks project was to build an animal and we had some fantastic animals! We had snakes and zebra, dogs and alligators and everything in between. These kids are so creative! We had a camera malfunction, well I forgot it upstairs malfunction. :( So, no pictures this week of the actual build but here are some of the creations.

Books are Fun display and Book Sale

Wanted to remind everyone that the Books are Fun display will be here until Tuesday morning. If you want to pick up a few gifts while supporting your local library please stop by before Tuesday morning.

Also, we are holding our Get Lucky at your Local Library Book Sale Tuesday March 17 from 9 am to 4 pm. It will be a Buck O’ Bag so come by and find some amazing treasures.

Story Time 3-12-15

Today’s story time theme was St. Patrick’s Day since Tuesday will be the day to wear green.

We read four books: Ten Lucky Leprechauns by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook ; The night before St. Patrick’s Day by Natasha Wing ; The luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever! by Teddy Slater; and There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover! by Lucille Colandro.

While we read Ten Lucky Leprechauns all the children were able to put up a number up on the white board counting the leprechauns. We had five children today so it was perfect each child was able to put up two numbers.

The craft was a leprechaun face made out of a paper plate. kids leprechaun craft

Above is the website i found the craft on if you wanted to do it with your little ones. Here at the Library we did not use paint because we are limited on time. We used Orange markers instead.

All in all  think they had a fun time. Following will be pictures of story time.

storytime 011 storytime 001 storytime 002 storytime 003 storytime 004 storytime 005 storytime 006 storytime 007 storytime 008 storytime 009 storytime 010

Lego Club 3-4-15

On March 4, 2015 we held our third Lego Club build. We had an amazing turn out 24 kids! This weeks project was to build your dream job. We had some amazing creations! From Construction workers to art studios. We have some great builders there that night.

legoclub3-4-15 041Here we are searching for pieces.

legoclub3-4-15 038Teamwork!

legoclub3-4-15 029 legoclub3-4-15 030 legoclub3-4-15 028Building away!

legoclub3-4-15 036showing off his creation

legoclub3-4-15 040 legoclub3-4-15 033 legoclub3-4-15 013 legoclub3-4-15 010more searching

legoclub3-4-15 007 legoclub3-4-15 009 legoclub3-4-15 005 legoclub3-4-15 004 legoclub3-4-15 003 legoclub3-4-15 002Great building

legoclub3-4-15 012collaborating

This was a fun night thanks for everyone that came and built some fabulous creations! Please check out the facebook page to see all the pictures!

Welcome to Fort Benton, MT

Chouteau County Library

Chouteau County Library

Yesterday’s dream to provide library service for county residents in a central location.

Today’s mission to serve county residents as an accessible center of reliable information.

Tomorrow’s committment to maintain a high standard of service for future generations of county residents.