Lego Club 3-4-15

On March 4, 2015 we held our third Lego Club build. We had an amazing turn out 24 kids! This weeks project was to build your dream job. We had some amazing creations! From Construction workers to art studios. We have some great builders there that night.

legoclub3-4-15 041Here we are searching for pieces.

legoclub3-4-15 038Teamwork!

legoclub3-4-15 029 legoclub3-4-15 030 legoclub3-4-15 028Building away!

legoclub3-4-15 036showing off his creation

legoclub3-4-15 040 legoclub3-4-15 033 legoclub3-4-15 013 legoclub3-4-15 010more searching

legoclub3-4-15 007 legoclub3-4-15 009 legoclub3-4-15 005 legoclub3-4-15 004 legoclub3-4-15 003 legoclub3-4-15 002Great building

legoclub3-4-15 012collaborating

This was a fun night thanks for everyone that came and built some fabulous creations! Please check out the facebook page to see all the pictures!


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