MLA Conferance

From Wednesday April 8th to Saturday April 11 Debbie and I attended the Montana Library Association Conference held in Bozeman. The theme this year was Access for All: A Montana Value.

There was a ton of great education. We learned a lot! Days were long but there was so  much fun to be had in all the classes. My only complained was the chairs were hard. 🙂 We were also notified that we were selected to join the Montana Shared Catalog. YAY! We are so excited! Debbie won a HUGE box of Legos that will boost our collection for Lego Club. I is super excited about that!

Some of my favorite classes were: Looking at Summer Reading: The Big Picture, Play and Exploration at Imagine IF: Toys, Inter-actives, and Experiences for children, Best Practices for Engaging Girls in STEM.

I love conferences! They seem to energize and renew ideas. You also get to meet some really nice people working in some of the same areas you may work in. So look for some new and fresh things happening at the library.


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