Adult and Teen Summer Reading

There is still time to get involved with Adult/ Teen Summer Reading!We are at the halfway mark but it isn’t too late! Come on in and get your card and start playing! 

The theme for this year adult program is “exercise your mind”. The teen theme is “get in the game read”. The goal is to learn about total fitness mind, body and soul.

The adult/teen summer reading has been revamped this year! We are doing 6 different kinds of activities each week that will earn you tickets to enter into the prize baskets that our local businesses so graciously donated. The activities include scavenger hunts, word search, read a book, show and tells and more. The idea is to get you into the library and see things you may not have before. Also, to get your brain working in many different ways. 

So this is how it works, you do an activity, you get a ticket, and you put it in the basket of your choice. We have some FABULOUS baskets! A MT Roots basket, Oil changes, Gift certificates, and many more baskets. We also have four grand prize baskets! A stay and dinner at the Grand Union, two Kindle Baskets, and a Carter Day trip for 2! To qualify for the grand prize baskets all you have to do is three activities a week and you get an extra “Grand Prize” ticket. SO if you do all the activities you can earn up to two “Grand Prize” tickets a week! 

We still have four weeks left so come in and see what your brain can do! For more information call The Chouteau County Library at 622-5222.


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