1.  Books circulate for 28 days with a late fee of a donation to the Chouteau County Library Foundation.  Books may be renewed unless on reserve.

2. Newspapers are available for reading in the library, but may not be checked out.

3. CDs circulate for 28 days with  a late fee of one dollar a day to the Chouteau County Library Foundation.  Patrons are asked to use extreme care in handling audio materials.

4.  DVDs circulate for 7 days with a late fee of a donation to the Chouteau County Library Foundation.  Patrons are asked to use extreme care in handling DVDs.  Please keep away from heat and cold. DVDs may not be renewed.  The library assumes no responsibility for damage caused to a patron’s CD player, or DVD player .

5.  Patrons are responsible for replacement costs for damaged or lost books, CDs, and DVDs.  Patrons will be charged the cost of the item plus a $5 processing fee.   If the item is no longer available the patron will be charged twice the cost of the item PLUS the five dollar processing fee.

6.  Patrons must be a registered patron or register as a temporary patron in order to check out materials.  A $15 deposit is required for a temporary patron card. 

7.  Computer and internet usage is provided by the Chouteau County Library free of charge.  Patrons are requested to abide by the library’s internet user policy posted next to each computer.  Printing from the computers costs 25 cents per page and are in B&W only.

8.  The rights of users who are minors shall in no way be abridged.  Parents must be responsible for providing guidance to their own children and are advised to supervise their childrens’ internet sessions.  It is not the role of the library staff to do this.

9.  The Chouteau County Library does not condone the use of the internet for accessing pornography or other inappropriate sites.

10.  The library cannot guarantee the accuracy of information found on the internet.

11.  Patrons are asked to observe universally accepted library etiquette of speaking quietly and respecting another’s privacy. Skateboards, scooters,  and in-line skates must be left at the door.  Alcohol or tobacco products are NOT allowed in the library.

12.  Failure to abide by the policies as set forth by the Library Board of Trustees may result in loss of library privileges.


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