Board Minutes for September 2017




September 26, 2017


Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Chouteau County Library in Fort Benton, Montana along with its branch libraries in Geraldine, Big Sandy and Highwood is to serve the county’s residents as an accessible center of reliable information, without restrictions of censorship or violation of privacy.



  • Call to order: Ron Young called the meeting to order. Board members present were Janet Worrall, Nancy Grossman, Kim Hibl, and Debbie Wellman.



  1.  Minutes: Minutes were approved



  • Budget:  Budget was approved.  



  1.  Reports:

Big Sandy

Circulation: AF 171, ANF 68, JF 146, JNF 33, YAF 2, YANF 0, DVD 26, CD, 16, Total Circ 462, Computer Users: 143, Patrons: 387, Program Attendance: ?, Theme: Clean and Organize


Fort Benton

Circulation:  AF 405, ANF 220, JF 687, JNF 129, YAF 26, YANF 0, DVD 480, CD 212, EBooks, 256, Playaways 14, Computer Users: 690, Program Attendance: 180,  Total: 3299, Theme: End of Summer, Start of school



Circulation: AF 25, ANF 14, JF 13, JNF 3, YAF 3, DVD 48, CD 2, Total

        Circ 108 Computer Users: 21, Patrons: 60, Theme: Summer,



Circulation: AF 10, ANF 6, JF 39, JNF 1 Total Circ. 56

  1. 5. Report of the Director:
  1. Winter hours began on September 5
  2. Lego Club and Story Time have resumed for the school year
  3. Woman’s Club is now holding 2 meetings here a month
  4. Kirby Hoon was interviewed and hired as custodian, started September 21 and things already look better
  5. Book Club met September 13, next book is The Kitchen House
  6. Debbie attended online meeting with Montana Historical Foundation to discuss spotlighting Carnegie libraries in the state.  Another meeting will take place in January
  7. Jessica McGowan has started at HSCL opening for 4 hours a week. She has done an amazing job getting the library organized.
  8. Debbie will attend Montana Shared Catalog meeting in Havre on October 6.
  9. Pathfinder meeting on October 26
  10. Carpets were cleaned the weekend of September 9.  Looks a lot better.


  1.   Announcements and Dates to Remember
  2.  Closed October 9 for Columbus Day




  1.  Unfinished Business
  2. Meeting room sign hasn’t been removed at BSBL, Discussion took place-

       Board was surprised it hadn’t been removed.  Debbie is to send a letter to

       Marla Ray giving her until October 13 to remove it or the Board will have

       it done and charge her for the repairs.  It was also decided it needs to be

       done during library hours. Kim made the motion, Ron Second, vote

       passed.  Due to this it was decided to amend the policy to read that any

       damages incurred during use of the room must be repaired within 2

       weeks, Janet made motion, second Kim, Vote carried.


  1.  New Business
  2.      Lippard-Clawiter grant- there being nothing needed at this time it was

                           decided to not apply this year.

  1.  Debbie may be taking time off to help her daughter when she adopts

                           baby.  She has spoken to Sandra and Carolyn and they are fine with it

                           and we will work it doing some through remote sources.  Board was very



There being no further discussion, meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by Debbie Wellman


Next Trustee meeting is Tuesday, October 24, at 1:30


Foundation meeting will be Tuesday, October 24, 2:30



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