Board Minutes for January 2018






January 23, 2018


Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Chouteau County Library in Fort Benton, Montana along with its branch libraries in Geraldine, Big Sandy, and Highwood is to serve the county’s residents as an accessible center of reliable information, without restrictions of censorship or violation of privacy.


  1. Call to order: Ron Young called the meeting to order. Board members present were Janet Worrall, Nancy Grossman, Kim Hibl, Danielle Engellant, and Sandra Larson (filling in for Debbie Wellman).


  1.  Minutes: Minutes were approved
  2. Budget:  Budget was approved.  
  1.  Reports:

Big Sandy

Circulation: AF 211 , ANF 181, JF 561, JNF 35, YAF 14 , YANF 0, DVD 54 , CD 52, ebooks 11 , Total Circ 1119 , Computer Users: 145 , Patrons: 921, Program Attendance: 365 , Theme: Christmas Time. Christmas Stroll was a great success, 270 people!



Fort Benton

Circulation:  AF 293, ANF 210, JF 930, JNF 68, YAF 16, YANF 1, DVD 523, CD 224, EBooks 205,  Playaways 17, Computer Users: 394, Program Attendance: 183,  Total: , Theme: Great American Smoke Out, Christmas Candy Dishes, Christmas




Circulation: AF 29, ANF 7, JF 1, JNF 0, YAF 0, DVD 20, CD 0, Total

        Circ 57, Computer Users: 18, Patrons: 33, Theme: Christmas



Circulation: AF 62, ANF 15, JF 164, JNF 36, YAF 2, Total Circ. 281

  1. 5. Report of the Director:
  1. BSBL Librarian probation has ended. She is a great asset to the system!
  2. GBL had a domestic issue that has been resolved.
  3. FBL roof leaked, roofer was called and he is going to resolve the ice jam.
  4. FBL Clerk has been a great team player and is helping with some of the cataloging process. She has also been very flexible with her schedule.
  5. Custodian is a great asset and has also offered assistance and doing other jobs. Also has started to cross train to be a sub-librarian.
  6. The article in the paper about GBL wants says to contact trustees. Trustees agree to have people contact the library and librarians will keep a list of said wants.



  1.   Announcements and Dates to Remember
  2.  Closed Monday, February 19, Presidents Day






  1.  Unfinished Business

                      a.Foundation Board replacement. Sandra will keep a list of Candidates and send it out to both boards for approval and input.



  1.  New Business
  2. Debbie Resignation as of Feb. 11. Sandra is to post internal job opening asap. All applications are to be scanned into all board members. Sandra is to find out if internal applications are enough if qualified candidate application is received within the county.
  3. Sheila resignation as of Mar. 2. Sandra is to post internal job opening asap.
  4. Summer reading coordinator. Sandra will email foundation board to get approval.
  5. Feb 12 Book Sale will happen and Sandra will send out an email to see if any of the board will be able to help with manning the sale.
  6. Geraldine domestic issue. Has been resolved but GBL Librarian will document and incidents if necessary.
  7. the roof leaked/ice jam. The roofer will put in a heated coil wire to prevent ice jams in future.
  8. ADA door button FB & BSBL. FBL button will be serviced and will obtain an official quote from Central Lock and Keys. Sandra will ask County Clerk if Depreciation Fund can be used for this.
  9. BSBL Shelving & GBL. Sandra will look at the past invoices and see what the cost is and the email the board for final approval. GBL Shelving will be added to next meetings agenda.
  10. Employee Leave request. The employee’s request was granted until the date of Feb 11.


There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by Sandra Larson


Next Trustee meeting is Tuesday, February 27, at 1:30


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