Board Minutes for February 2017


February 28, 2017


Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Chouteau County Library in Fort Benton, Montana along with its branch libraries in Geraldine, Big Sandy and Highwood is to serve the county’s residents as an accessible center of reliable information, without restrictions of censorship or violation of privacy.


  1. Call to order: Ron Young called the meeting to order. Board members present were Janet Worrall, Nancy Grossman, Kim Hibl and Debbie Wellman. Debra Clark represented the Foundation.


  1. Lauren McMullen, MSL Consultant: Lauren spoke about her role as a consultant with the State Library, handed out a sheet on Library Leadership Competencies and discussed this with the Board, reminded the Board that there are many topics for trainings for Board members and that the MSL would be willing to provide if requested.


  1. Building Committee Report: No one was here to report but discussion on the building took place. The outside and inside signs have been installed and look nice. Library is up and running smoothly. Discussion of paying the remainder items on order and then the repayment to the Quinns be done before more funding raising for other items for the library. Books need to be closed on the Building Fund before moving on.  Debbie will ask the Commissioners to send a letter of thank you to the Building Committee members and let them know their job is done.


  1. Foundation: Reconciliation sheets were handed out. Checks were signed.


  1. Minutes: Minutes were approved


  1. Budget: Budget was approved


  1. Reports:


Big Sandy

Circulation: AF 84, ANF 9, JF 64, JNF 0, YAF 6, YANF 0, DVD 0, CD, 16, Total Circ 171, Computer Users: , Patrons: , Program attendance: Theme: Due to being open a partial month and new librarian report not complete.  Will be better next month Needs and Concerns:


Fort Benton

Circulation: 3005, Computer Users: 522, Program Attendance: 75, Other: 242 Total: 3844, Theme: New Year, Slow Cooker Dinner Month, MLK JR Day Projects: moving books and getting BSBL open



Circulation: 31, Computer Users: 34, Patrons: 21, Theme:




  1. 8. Report of the Director:
  2. Adult meetings and Children’s programs continue
  3. Stephanie continues to get settled into new library, new patrons and some just wanting to look
  4. Debbie met Tyler Lane (Extension Office) at old BSBL building. He was able to use three bookcases plus several sets of wall shelving.  Nice as it stays in county.  Commissioner Schuster said it is ok to sell the remaining items with the money going into the BSBL library account.  Debbie would like help to move remaining items out.  She will put a classified ad in the Mountaineer and post pictures at the library of what is available to be bought.  Kim Hibl volunteered to help along with her husband. Debbie will also contact the BS Schools to see if they can use any of the furnishings.
  5. Sandra and Debbie are working on the summer read. Leann Engen has stepped down as coordinator.
  6. Sandra and Carolyn are registered to attend MLA in Billings at the end of March
  7. All staff meeting has been scheduled for March 14 at 8:30 AM


  1. Announcements and Dates to Remember:
  2. Friends of the Library, March 15 at Noon, Caleb’s Crossing is book discussion





  1. Unfinished Business
  2. Open House date: Discussed doing it sometime during National Library     Week, April 9-15.  Will ask committee members for a date that works for them.  Need a list of special invitations to be sent, State Library, etc
  3. Meeting Room policy: long conversation took place with Debbie relaying info gathered from other library policies around the state.  It was decided to table this until next month so Debbie can send out example policy bullets and current policy and Trustees can look them over and bring their suggestions to the next meeting.  There seemed to be agreement that it needs to fit the needs of all county libraries and needs to address specific issues.
  4. Debbie passed around the rough draft she made up for the Jeff Reichelt memorial frame. Will have it completed before Open House.



  1. New Business
  2. National Library Week, April 9-15…”Libraries Transform”



There being no further discussion, meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by Debbie Wellman


Next Trustee and Foundation meetings are Tuesday, March 28, 2017 @ 1:30

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