Board Minutes for October 2017





October 24, 2017


Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Chouteau County Library in Fort Benton, Montana along with its branch libraries in Geraldine, Big Sandy and Highwood is to serve the county’s residents as an accessible center of reliable information, without restrictions of censorship or violation of privacy.


  1. Call to order: Ron Young called the meeting to order. Board members present were Janet Worrall, Nancy Grossman, Kim Hibl, and Debbie Wellman.


  1. Minutes: Minutes were approved


  1. Budget:  Budget was approved.


  1. Reports:


Big Sandy

Circulation: AF 149, ANF 66, JF 319, JNF 41, YAF 6, YANF 0, DVD 24, CD, 26, Total Circ 63, Computer Users: 120, Patrons: 345, Program Attendance: 45 J, Theme: Treasure Hunting and Autumn



Fort Benton                                                     

Circulation:  AF 386, ANF 209, JF 1168, JNF 98, YAF 30, YANF 1, DVD 416, CD 186, EBooks, 196, Playaways 8, Computer Users: 510, Program Attendance: 108,  Total: 3208, Theme: Healthy Aging, Cookbook Month




Circulation: AF 11, ANF 7, JF 8, JNF 0, YAF 1, DVD 22, CD 0, Total

Circ 48 Computer Users: 16, Patrons: 46, Theme: Fall



         Circulation: AF 42, ANF 29, JF 115, JNF 33, YAF 7, DVD 6 Total Circ. 232


  1. 5. Report of the Director:
  2. Normal meetings were held this month
  3. Kirby Hoon continues to do a great job, inside and out. A large branch off of the tree at the side door fell last week.  Kirby said he can trim most of it for us otherwise we will get Bob Hankins
  4. Debbie made trips to Big Sandy and Geraldine to see how things are going
  5. Plaque and front of donation book have been ordered and Debbie will pick them up. She will get list of donors from Vicky O’Hara and will start entering them to put in the book.
  6. Pathfinder meeting is Thursday, October 26. Thanks to those who have offered food for it.
  7. Halloween Party for K-6 grade, October 31, 4-6. Sandra has games and fun planned
  8. Several meetings already scheduled for the month of November.
  9. Friday, November 24, permission to close. Ron moved, Kim second, vote approved
  10. Debbie will most likely be gone for the next meeting. Sandra will fill in to take minutes.
  11. Annual Make-n-Take, December 14,1-4. Gumball machine ornament is the project.  Theme will be Christmas Candy Dishes
  12. Federal posters, BSBL had US Marshals place a wanted poster on the public board. Darlene was asked to remove it by mother of individual.  Debbie told her no it is to stay, after more calls Darlene called Marshals and they said it is illegal to remove and would be back next week to talk to businesses.
  13. Montana History Foundation President/CEO, Charlene Porsild, stopped in to tour library and discuss possible funding ideas. They are doing a special project with Carnegie Libraries across the state.  One idea is to restore the lights to the original style, we found hand sketches of the originals.  She will send Debbie more info about the grant process.
  14. Debbie asked if Board members would be willing to man a Book Sale if we had one in December. Most thought it was doable.
  15. A $5000 check from the Tordik Foundation was received for the Big Sandy Branch Library. At this point we do not know of anything needed but shelving is a possibility once we figure out where to put it.



  1. Announcements and Dates to Remember
  2.   October 26, Pathfinder meeting, here 9:30-3
  3.   Closed, November 10mfor Veteran’s Day
  4.    Closed November 23 & 24, Thanksgiving







  1. Unfinished Business
  2. BSBL sign in meeting room has been removed by Marla Ray.  The paint

she used is the wrong color but the Board is not going to pursue the





  1. New Business
  2.   Marla Ray had asked Ron Young about adding Monday hours to the

BSBL week.  Darlene does not want to add another day of daycare costs

at this point and after lengthy discussion it was decided that since the

budget has already been set for the year the topic would be opened

again for discussion before the next budget is submitted and Darlene

has been approached.

  1.   BSBL has been approached to be open on the Chouteau County

Christmas Saturday.  Darlene was asked to do a story time.  The Board

discussed the possibility of it turning out to be just a babysitting option

for parents so would like to see if the BSBL Friends of the Library would

provide cookies and cider and help man the library that day.  Darlene

could offer supplies for a craft for children to do on their own.

  1. Newspaper article were discussed.  It was decided that the Librarians

should be the ones writing the articles to ensure accuracy.  Others need

to have articles approved by the librarian unless writing for a specific

group (ex. Friends of the Library).

  1. FBL would like to buy 10 books for a book kit using Friends of the

Library.  The book is very popular and only one library in the state has

  1. Approval was given to purchase the books.
  2. Part of the roof on the Big Sandy Branch Library has come off.  Debbie

has called Keith Ballantyne and spoken to Brian Robinson.  They will get

on top of it right away.

  1. Dee Pribyl will not be renewing her position on the Foundation Board

when her term is up in December.


There being no further discussion, meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by Debbie Wellman


Next Trustee meeting is Tuesday, November 28, at 1:30


Foundation meeting will be Tuesday, January 23, at 2:30





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