Board Minutes for July 2018







Tuesday, July 25, 2018

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Chouteau County Library in Fort Benton, Montana, along with its branch libraries in Geraldine, Big Sandy and Highwood is to serve the county’s residents as an accessible center of reliable information, without restrictions of censorship or violation of privacy.



  • Call to order was made by Ron.
  • PRESENT: Janet Worrall, Nancy Grossman, Kim Hibl, Dani Engellent, Ron Young, Roger Pugh, Vicky O’Hara, Walleyene Flanagan and Sandra Larson
  • Minutes were approved.
  • Budget will be scanned in when Sandra receives the sheet. Bills paid was looked through and no questions were had.
  • Reports  


                1. Big Sandy

Circulation AF _268___, ANF _417_, JF _685__, JNF _195__,  YAF 59_ , DVD 80___, CD 58___ ebooks 70, Total Circulation 1832, Computer Users: _374, Number of Patrons: 836, Program attendance: 146, Monthly Totals: 3189

  1. Geraldine

  1. Fort Benton

Circulation AF 312 , ANF 227 , JF 884, JNF 108, YAF 54, YANF 0,  DVD 360, CD 208, Circulation 1585, Computer Users 526, Wireless 210, Program attendance 286, EBook 253, Playaways 14, Burn Permit 0, Monthly total 3440

  1. Highwood


  1. Report of the Director
  1. Summer Reading is fabulous! They have 430 hours read as of 7-19-18.Maren thinks by Aug 8th they will have 700 hours read.
  2. Adult Summer Reading is going strong about 40 people playing.
  3. GBL community meeting was attended by 23 people. All with wonderful ideas. A list of the Community ideas was handed out.
  4. The light in the children’s room was replaced but the company that the globe came from was not the easiest to work with.
  5. The Kilted man was well attended with 48 to 50 people.


  1. Announcements/Dates to Remember


  1. Make CD coasters August 6th 6:30 to 7:30




  1. Unfinished Business
  2. Insurance change. Darren Rowe suggested we not change the policy for two reasons one that amount was for replacement cost not just the value of the building and second it would not help with the premium because the change of policy should be done in March. If we do want to change it we should contact him March 2019.


  1.     New Business
  2. GBL Hours. The community would like the hours to be open on Friday.So Sandra Suggests that we do T/TH 12:30 to 5:30 & W/F 10:00 to 3:00 with a storytime on Friday at 10:30. The storytime moms have a bible study group that happens on Tues.
  3. Broken Light- Since being hung the globe was knocked down and broken so Sandra will research other lighting companies to work with and get the globe replaced.


  1. Sandra has been approached by two copier companies and would like to look into getting a more updated copier with the features patrons are asking for such as wireless printing, scan from USB drives, and print from email. This should be looked at more in September when the budget is finalized.
  2. The mower is getting old and would like to start looking at replacing it. It was suggested that we get a quote from Cole’s Lawn Care and see if it is cost effective to buy a new mower or contract it out.
  3. Vicky request that when school starts to flip the meetings have the Foundation go first and follow with trustee meeting.


NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday, August 28 to follow Foundation

Next Foundation meeting: August 28 @ 1:30 pm


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