The Geraldine Branch was organized in the summer of 1916.  It was located in King’s Law Office with H. Rhea Elwell as first custodian of the books.  Some of the other early librarians were Mrs. Margaret King, Miss Mabel Owens and Mrs. B. Armstrong.  Miss Lucy Brady took over in 1924 and served until her death in 1927.  Miss Minnie Mechling was appointed to fill her place.

     In January 1928 the location of the library was moved into the bank building.  Steel bookcases, one lamp and a stove were purchased by the county.  The Women’s Club of Geraldine donated tables and chairs.  The business men of Geraldine raised $150 to help their branch library.

     Mrs. Reba Cottrell took charge in 1942 and worked for approximately ten years.  Mrs. Theo Nevill then served for another decade and then Mrs. Lillian Gardipee worked as the librarian.

     In the Fall of 1961 the county purchased a small building for the Geraldine branch.  Mrs. Margaret Goldhahn became the librarian and served until September of 1962.  Mrs. Betty Atchison was then appointed.  Other past librarians incluce Agnes Hardenbrook and Shirley Hebert.  In May of 1972, Lucille Carlson was appointed librarian and after her Bernadine Fairbanks.

     A Library Board of Trustees was organized in May of 1961.  Mrs. Ruth Nichols was chairman of the board in 1965.  Past board members representing Geraldine have been Margaret Goldhahn, Betty Atchison, Ann Knelder, Paula Van Voast and Jo Alice Juedeman.

     The Geraldine Library, by 1980, had outgrown its space and an opportunity for more space came when Florence King offered her building, the County Emporium, for sale to the county for $23,000.  Located near the post office and on Main Street the building was built in 1977 by Wes Stoos.  With the help of Geraldine citizens the new building was opened as a library on January 12, 1980 and the library remains there today.


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